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//About Us

Pioneering the Future of Biotechnology with Novel Platforms

Welcome to Hoynoza: We're all about blending new ideas with care in the world of medical science and biotechnology. We navigate the forefront of healthcare transformation, ushering in groundbreaking solutions across a spectrum of disciplines. From the precision of monoclonal antibodies to the boundless potential of cell and gene therapy, Organoids, bio-fabricated tissues, and exosome technologies. From making precise antibodies to exploring powerful therapies, we're rewriting what's possible. Our goal is a future where patients come first. Join us in this journey where smart ideas and kindness come together.


Advancements in Antibody Engineering and Exosome Utilization

Discover a new era of healthcare innovation with Hoynoza Technologies. Our dedicated team of scientists, researchers, and experts is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through groundbreaking advancements in biopharmaceuticals and herbal therapies. Explore our cutting-edge initiatives across various platforms.

Novel mAb Development

BsAb Development

Exosomes in Therapeutics

Novel Multi-pathogen kit development

Industries We Serve

  • Biopharmaceutical Companies 01
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) 02
  • Academic and Research Institutions 03
  • Biosimilar Developers 04
//Why Choose us

Innovative, Patient-Centric Biotech Excellence.

  • Expertise

    Our team comprises seasoned scientists and researchers with vast experience in clone development techniques

  • Customized Solutions

    We stay at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation, leveraging the latest technologies for optimal results

  • Quality Focus

    Quality assurance is ingrained in every step of our process, ensuring that you receive clones and cell lines of the highest quality

  • Timely Delivery

    We value your time. Our efficient workflows ensure timely project completion, helping you meet your development milestones

  • Comprehensive Support

    Our services don't end with clone development. We offer ongoing support to guide you through downstream processes and manufacturing

  • Confidentiality

    Your intellectual property and sensitive data are secure with us. We operate under strict confidentiality protocols.

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