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Empowering Progress in Cell and Gene Therapy

Welcome to Hoynoza Technologies, your premier destination for groundbreaking advancements in Cell and Gene Therapy. Our specialized services encompass Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, and CAR-T technologies, all underpinned by our robust technology transfer expertise. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, we are your partners in driving the future of healthcare.

Plasmid isolation services

  • Plasmid and vector services for cell and gene therapy
  • Research grade plasmid isolation and purification services
  • Endotoxin free plasmid isolation and purification services
  • REP/CAP plasmid supply
  • Helper plasmid supply
  • Plasmid analysis services
    • Appearance
    • pH
    • DNA concentration and purity
    • Total Plasmid purity
    • Plasmid purity by Capillary Gel Electrophoresis (CGE)
    • Identity Supercoiled DNA purity
    • Residual host cell protein,
    • DNA and RNA Residual reagents
    • Bioburden and sterility
    • Endotoxin
    • Sequence
  • Transfection services (HEK-293, CHO cell line mammalian cell lines for packaged viral particle generation)
  • Packaged viral vector (AV, AAV & LV) particle purification and analysis
  • Packaged viral vector analysis services
    • Viral titer (qPCR, ddPCR, ELISA, Spectrophotometer)
    • Content ratio (Analysis by capillary gel electrophoresis, SV-AUC)
    • Aggregation (SEC, SV-AUC)

Our Expertise in Detail

Cell Therapy

We excel in harnessing the therapeutic potential of living cells. Our adept team isolates, expands, and customizes cells for tailored treatment strategies targeting a diverse range of diseases.

Gene Therapy

Redefining medical possibilities by precisely modifying or replacing faulty genes. Our proficiency spans both viral and non-viral vectors, ensuring accurate and effective gene delivery.

CAR-T Technology

Pioneering cancer therapy, we design CAR-T cells to precisely target and combat cancer cells. Our breakthroughs offer hope to patients seeking advanced and effective treatment options.

Unlocking Potential Through Technology Transfer

Streamlined Knowledge Exchange

Our technology transfer process facilitates the swift transfer of intellectual property, protocols, and expertise from research institutions to industry. This accelerates the journey from discovery to commercialization.

Collaboration at Core

We thrive on collaborations. Our collaborative technology transfer approach empowers research and academic bodies to convert groundbreaking discoveries into tangible applications, ultimately serving global patient needs.

Regulatory Agility

Mastering complex regulatory pathways is our expertise. Our specialists guarantee a smooth transition from research to clinical phases, ensuring compliance and expediting the development timeline with precision.

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