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Pioneering Innovations in Biopharmaceuticals and Herbal Therapies

At Hoynoza Technologies, we are dedicated to advancing scientific research and medical innovation through our cutting-edge exosome isolation and supply services. Our expertise lies in the isolation of exosomes from both stem cells and plants, providing you with high-quality materials for your research and applications. Whether you're exploring regenerative medicine, drug delivery, biomarker discovery, or other exciting areas of study, we're here to empower your progress.

Novel mAb Development (PD-1 Family Receptor)

Our focus on excellence in biopharmaceuticals drives the development of novel monoclonal antibodies targeting the PD-1 family receptors. Experience the future of disease treatment with:

  • Meticulous research and exploration
  • Advanced antibody engineering technologies
  • Rigorous efficacy and safety testing

Stay connected with us on:

  • Our research publications
  • Early clinical trial updates
  • Interactive webinars and conferences

BsAb Development

Elevate therapeutic possibilities with our bsAb development program. Our bispecific antibodies are engineered to:

  • Simultaneously target two antigens
  • Address complex diseases with precision
  • Transform patient outcomes across therapeutic areas

Experience the next generation of therapy with:

  • State-of-the-art engineering techniques
  • Unparalleled precision and specificity

Follow our journey on:

  • Social media platforms
  • Research forums and communities
  • Live streams of scientific discussions

Exosomes in Therapeutics

Unleash the potential of exosome-based therapies. Our research harnesses these vesicles for:

  • Targeted delivery of therapeutic cargo
  • Treating degenerative diseases and tissue repair
  • Innovative approaches to neurological disorders

Embark on a journey of innovation featuring:

  • Meticulous research and transformative development
  • Unlocking exosomes' potential for revolutionary treatments

Engage with us through:

  • Virtual lab tours
  • Interactive online workshops
  • Informative podcasts and blogs

Novel Herbal Formulations

Embrace holistic well-being through our novel herbal formulations. These formulations combine tradition and modern research to address diverse health challenges:

  • Crafted by herbalists, scientists, and pharmacists
  • Integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary science
  • Offering natural and holistic well-being solutions

Stay informed about our progress on:

  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Online health and wellness seminars
  • User-friendly mobile app updates

Novel Multi-pathogen kit development

Novel Diagnostics:

Hoynoza Technologies Pvt Ltd is dedicated to advancing diagnostics through the development of novel multi-pathogen kits and the supply of high-quality reagents and kits. Our focus on innovation and reliability ensures that healthcare professionals have access to cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to accurately and efficiently detect multiple pathogens.

Novel Multi-pathogen kit development

We understand the critical need for rapid and accurate diagnostics in the identification and management of infectious diseases. Our experienced team of scientists and researchers specializes in the development of novel multi-pathogen kits. These kits are designed to simultaneously detect and identify multiple pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents, in a single test. By leveraging our expertise in molecular biology, genomics, and assay development, we strive to provide healthcare professionals with comprehensive diagnostic tools that improve patient outcomes through early detection and targeted treatment strategies.

Supply of Reagents and Kits:

  • In addition to developing novel multi-pathogen kits, Hoynoza Technologies is committed to supplying high-quality reagents and kits to support diagnostic laboratories and healthcare providers. We offer a wide range of reliable and validated products, including PCR reagents, DNA and RNA extraction kits, and other essential components required for accurate and efficient diagnostic testing. Our products undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure consistent performance and reliable results, providing healthcare
  • At Hoynoza Technologies, we recognize the importance of timely and accurate diagnostics in public health and disease management. Our commitment to innovation, scientific excellence, and quality assurance positions us as a trusted partner in the diagnostic field. By developing novel multi-pathogen kits and supplying reliable reagents and kits, we aim to empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to effectively identify and respond to infectious diseases.
  • Partner with us and gain access to our expertise in diagnostics, including our novel multi-pathogen kits and high-quality reagents and kits. Together, we can enhance disease surveillance, improve patient care, and contribute to the global efforts in combating infectious diseases.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Hoynoza Technologies is driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient well-being. Our approach encompasses:

  • Pushing scientific boundaries for transformative therapies
  • Leveraging interdisciplinary expertise for breakthroughs
  • Contributing meaningfully to global healthcare advancement

Join the forefront of healthcare transformation with Hoynoza Technologies. Together, we are shaping a healthier, brighter future through novel mAb development, bsAb breakthroughs, exosome therapies, and holistic herbal formulations. Connect with us across platforms as we drive innovation in the early stages of each exciting initiative.

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