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Non-Animal Method

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Non-Animal Method Services

Discover a world of high-quality pharmaceutical active ingredients with Pharma API Supply. Our unwavering commitment to quality, regulatory compliance, and reliable supply ensures your formulations are in safe hands.

  • Bio-organoid & tissue model-based drug screening services
  • Non-animal testing model and assay development
  • Regulatory Consultancy on Non-Animal Methods
  • Customised Testing Services (both regulatory & non-regulatory

Bio Fabricated Human Tissue Model

Bio fabricated human tissues are functional replicas of natural tissues, offering a highly efficient and effective platform to screen, study, and evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, chemicals, and cosmetics. Unlike animal models, testing with bio fabricated human tissues produces better human-relevant data, making it an optimal alternative to traditional testing methods. With a commitment to innovation and ethical practices, we are transforming the way we approach drug development, offering a promising path towards improved human health and well-being.


Our patient-derived organoids are three dimensional cultures of cells that mimic the structural and functional properties of human organs. They are derived from tissues obtained from individual patients, providing a personalized platform for disease modeling and drug screening. Due to their high similarity to the patient's tissue, patient-derived organoids have the potential to revolutionize precision medicine and accelerate the development of targeted therapies.

Advantages of Non-Animal Method :

Human relevant

  • These tissue models are derived directly from patient tissue, allowing them to accurately mimic the pathophysiology of the parental organ in vivo.

Specific tissue of origin

  • These models are highly specialized for their specific tissue of origin, such as colon stem cells only producing colon organoids.

Genetically and phenotypically stable

  • tissue models maintain parental tissue characteristics indefinitely in culture and after cryopreservation, making them suitable for long-term experiments.


  • Can be expanded for large-scale screening, providing a cost-effective and high-throughput tool for drug discovery and screening.

Suitable for genetic manipulation and in vitro assays

  • Tissue Models can be genetically manipulated and used in standard in vitro assays, allowing researchers to investigate specific cellular processes and pathways.

Amenable to in vivo modeling

  • Organoids can be engrafted or xenotransplanted into animal models, providing a platform for in vivo modeling of diseases and testing of potential therapies.

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